Ferrari 488 Spider


Every Ferrari’s essence comes down to its engine; Ferrari 488 Spider rentals allow you to experience unbridled power of a well-crafted Italian engine. This particular model delivers 670 cv at 8,000 rpm, with a power output of 172 cv/l. This unprecedented level of advancement lends a maximum torque of 760 Nm in seventh gear, and offers a 0.8 second response time when in third gear.

The Ferrari 488 Spider overcomes turbo lag by giving its engine more power. Its instantaneous response time bolsters the car’s responsiveness and is enhanced by ball-bearing mounted shafts, compressor wheels, and a titanium-aluminum alloy that’s low-density. The engine’s power is optimized even further by the addition of twin-scroll turbines. Capable of reaching speeds of 62 mph in just three seconds, the Ferrari 488 Spider is truly unrivaled by any other sports car.


Ferrari 488 Spider

Brand: Ferrari


Engine :660 HP
Seats :2 Seats
0 - 60 :3.0 Sec.
MSRP :$330K


Per MI :NA
Daily :$1790
Weekly :15%
Monthly :30%

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